About Us

The Albanian Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology Association was founded in November 2019.

 ASCAD is an organization whose purpose is promotion, support, cooperation and establishing a knowledge-sharing practice between aesthetic practicioners in Albania and at the international level. To hold conferences, studies in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, through training, information, methods, techniques and scientific research to continuously improve the activity and procedures with the aim of curing and preventing aesthetic damage, through technical and scientific protocols by developing in a correct way the professional activity of the doctor and respecting the ethical norms.


Our Mission

 ASCAD is the Albanian Association of Dermatology and Aesthetics dedicated to helping professional doctors to develop their potential.


  • To offer professional service to patients, provided safety and the highest standard.

  • To make together licensed doctors in the field of Medicine and Plastic Surgery, with different specialties and competencies or other similar disciplines, putting their work experiences and studies at the service of: improvement, individual preparation of ASCAD members.

  • To offer courses and trainings for teaching, updating, improving knowledge of medical practioners in cooperation with the ASCAD Association.

  • To promote annual programs according to the QKEV activity.

  • To develop and evaluate scientific and didactic publications made by ASCAD members, as well as the awarding of prizes or study scholarships by ASCAD, in accordance with its objectives.

  • Inter-institutional cooperation, availability and possible cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Health Associations, Organizations and other Regional and National Institutions

  • To promote experimental research in the pharmaceutical and cosmetology industry, for continuous quality improvement.

  • To organize Conferences, Congresses, Seminars, Trainings, Courses, etc. at the National and International level with the aim of achieving the objectives, all of which are summarized on the official website of ASCAD.

The presidency

The ASCAD association was founded with the aim of raising the professional level of practioners in this field as well as creating a source of data from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, trained estheticians in this field to offer our patients updated scientific information, treatments and safety for these procedures. The desire to look beautiful and young has led nowadays to an increase demand for aesthetic procedures. The technological advances as well as the rise of professionalism has made it possible to improve the results and patient safety. Each person is unique and should be treated as such, looking beautiful and as natural as possible.

Brunilda Bardhi President




Erjona Shehu Vice President




Monika Fida General Secretary


History of Albanian Dermatology