Combination of chemical peelings with botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers

Marina Landau MD

First published: 20 June 2006

Citations: 25

Summary: Chemical peels are one of the most powerful and versatile tools for skin rejuvenation. Depending on the chemical used, peels are classified as superficial, medium and deep. The depth of peeling should be adapted to the depth of the pathological process to be corrected. Deeper exfoliation can eliminate pigment spots and wrinkles, but is associated with a longer recovery time. Chemical peels can be used in conjunction with other non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods such as botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) and dermal fillers. Surprisingly, descriptions of such combinations are rare in current medical literature.


Objectives: To review and describe our experience with a combination of chemical peels with other nonsurgical procedures for facial skin rejuvenation, such as BTX-A injections and dermal fillers.


Patients: Patients who came to the clinic for cosmetic treatments were clinically and photographically evaluated to follow the improvement of the facial skin after the combined treatments.



Results and conclusions: By combining chemical peeling with fillers and BTX-A injections, a beneficial synergistic effect is achieved. These rejuvenating procedures significantly increase the satisfaction rate of our patients and are relatively easy for any practicing dermatologist to adopt.